Welcome to My Traffic Lights

Yes, I have a collection of traffic lights, and it all started a long time ago. These include real signals, toys large and small, decorations, like pillows and figurines, wearables, such as earrings and pins, as well as a decent media page highlighting traffic lights in radio, film, and television. Use the navigation above to dive into the site or hang here for a minute to enjoy some photos of interesting and unique sightings of signs and signals I’ve seen in my travels. Hover your mouse over the photo to pause the slideshow.

Crouse Hinds Porthole dummy traffic light in Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Fixed 4-way 2-section Eagle beacon at Penora St. and Terrace Blvd. in Depew, New York.
2-section 4-way at Universal Studios – Orlando
A fellow collector's reconditioned Crouse Hinds Type-M fixed 4-way
Crouse Hinds Type DT fixed 4-way in Buffalo, New York
GE 4-way beacon formerly over E. McCanns Blvd. in Elmira, New York
Central Park, New York
San Francisco, California
Crescent moon intersection, Route 23 and Oak Ridge Road in Oak Ridge, New Jersey
1930s Acme Semaphore signal at Universal Studios – Orlando
Inverted colors intersection in the Tipperary Hill section of Syracuse, New York
4-way Beacon, Jefferson, New Jersey
4-way Beacon, Jefferson, New Jersey